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Before you hire a lawyer to represent you in your Social Security disability claim, be aware that many of these "1-800" lawyer web sites and TV ads are in a far off location.  I have offices in Sapulpa and in Pryor, and you will meet with me at one of these which is closest to you.


Many of the “1-800" web site and TV ad law firms shift clients around from one person to another and eventually you go to trial with an attorney whom you have never met or talked to you in depth about your case.  I personally handle all of my Social Security disability cases.


If you have any questions about Social Security disability or your pending Social Security disability claim, give us a call to have a free appointment to discuss these.  My fee is contingent on your getting approved for disability (no fee unless we win).  Here is what you can expect:


•                John Harlan and his staff will assist you in timely filing your paperwork to keep your claim current and not allowing any appeal steps to be out of time.


•                John Harlan reviews your medical records to make sure that you have listed all of the impairments that will result in your being placed on disability.


•                John Harlan reviews the Social Security Exhibit file and determine whether there are any missing medical records that need to be obtained and submitted.


•                John Harlan prepares forms for your treating doctors to fill out where the doctor can indicate the limitations that Social Security considers in a disability claim.


•                John Harlan conducts a review of your Social Security file and tells you what the Social Security reviewing staff has listed as reasons why you have been denied up to that point.


•                If your medical records are insufficient, John Harlan will ask the judge for additional medical examinations and testing at government expense.


•                John Harlan will meet with you long before the hearing to prepare you for the hearing.


•                John Harlan will cover with you what to expect during the hearing.  John Harlan will talk to you about what questions to expect during the hearing.


•                John Harlan will point out any problems in the medical records and will prepare you to explain gaps in treatment or other treatment problems to the judge.


•                John Harlan himself will be your attorney at your hearing and will make sure that all of the important pints in your claim are covered in your testimony.

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